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Happiness Forever


Happiness forever
(My) Jesus gives to me

I’ll Praise Him, Praise Him
Praise Him forever

I shall dwell, under the shadow
of the Almighty
he is my rock and my refuge
I will cling to him

Hallelujah praise the Lord
Hallelujah praise the Lord

From the ‘G’ to the ‘O’ to the ‘D’ never done
The son is here keep us on the run

Look again but don’t dismay
Its all black and white with no proof of grey

Dwelling in the shadow of His mighty wings
I’m tellin ya happiness He brings

A 1000 the left 10000 to the right
Yo we’ve got the blood of Christ

Angels Angels I never see
But with His love they cover me

Life Eternal & Salvation Stays
Happiness forever in every way

I shall tread on the lion and the adder
I shall trample them
He has given me Power and Authority
Over the enemy – Hallelujah

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