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I’m Not Going


I’m not going to worry about tomorrow
Jesus is my Lord and He will take care of me

The Lord is my light and my Salvation
Whom shall I be afraid ?
The Lord is my strength in all thro’ my life (2)
Whom shall I be afraid – Hallelujah !

My dad and my mom and all may let me down
But the Lord will take care of me
I will ever wait up on the Lord (2)
And we will strengthen me – Hallelujah

Hey………….don’t worry
Just take a look at the birds….
They do not sow (No), They do not reap (Yeah)
They don’t stock up in the deep freeze
But our father in heaven (Yeah)….. He feeds them
He takes care……. He’s always there
Check it out now…. Steppin it up now
Look it (at) all the wild flowers in Bloom…. (Yeah)
They don’t make their coats (Naa)
Spinnin’ no Loom……….(Yeah)
Yet they look so cool
I said our father in heaven (yeah)
He takes care…. He’s always there
So don’t worry

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